David Vaughan

David is a native Tulsan who attended Monte Cassino Grade School and Cascia Hall Preparatory High School. After high school he attended Oklahoma State University where he attained his Bachelor of Science Degree from the School of Business with a major in Marketing.

After college David began his insurance career in 1982 as a Casualty Underwriter with Aetna Life & Casualty. After only one year working at Aetna he attained the title of Senior Casualty Underwriter. He remained in this position for one more year and was then promoted to Senior Marketing Representative. David remained in this position for approximately another two years before leaving the insurance company side of operations and becoming an independent agent.

In early 1987 David joined the highly esteemed Tulsa insurance agency Rich & Cartmill, Inc., which was established in 1922. After five years with Rich & Cartmill, Inc., David was voted a partner with the firm where he remained as such until early 2007, when he left to create and start The Vaughan Insurance Group, LLC.

During his tenure with Rich & Cartmill, Inc., David became very successful and specialized in the writings of such business as General Contractors, Trade Contractors, Trade Unions, Oil & Gas Industry, Manufacturing, and Professional Liability for all trades and Association Program Business. Today, David provides all lines of coverage to over eight different associations throughout the country including interests such as Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Trials, Erosion and Sediment Control, Mining and Mineralogy, Occupational Safety and Health Training, and Waste Water Management, and looks to expand this field in the years to come.

David is involved with several local and national non-profit organizations.  He was on the board of directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma for eight years, including one year as board president.  He also served on the National Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters for seven years, one of which he was the vice-president.  He is currently on the advisory board for BBBS of Oklahoma.

David has been active with the Tulsa area Meals on Wheels association for the last three years.  Two of the years he served as President-Elect.  In January 2012 he will begin as president of the board of directors for Meals on Wheels.

Click here to email David or contact him directly at 918-779-7881.

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