Railroad Protective Liability

VIG has assembled products from many of the nation’s leading Railroad Protective Liability insurers for you to choose from. With our unique technology, we can match your business risk profile with insurance companies that specialize in your industry and want your type of business. We’ll help you get the right coverage from the right insurer.

Product Summary
The Railroad Protective Liability policy meets several important insurance needs with respect to work conducted on or near railroad tracks or railroad property. A Commercial General Liability Policy specifically excludes any part of a contract or agreement that indemnifies a railroad for losses that result from construction or demolition within 50 feet of any railroad property, or that affects any railroad bridge, trestle, tract, roadbed, tunnel, underpass or crossing.

The contractor or subcontractor doing the work purchases the coverage in the name of and for the benefit of the railroad company needing protection. For example, a contractor demolishing a building adjacent to a railroad track may have to purchase railroad protection coverage for the property owner, the railroad or both. The cost of the policy is shifted from the insured to the designated contractor who is performing the operations.

What’s Covered?
In addition to covering an otherwise uninsured exposure on the Commercial General Liability Policy, the Railroad Protective Liability policy offers two distinct coverage parts. Coverage A protects the railroad from certain vicarious liability claims for bodily injury and property damage. Coverage B protects the railroad from physical damage to its property. A Railroad Protective Liability policy provides only coverage pertaining to the job location defined in the Declarations and in connection with the work which also must be defined in the Declarations. Coverage ends when either the work is complete and the terms of the contract are fulfilled or the policy expires, whichever occurs first.

What Isn’t Covered? A Railroad Protective Liability policy is not comprehensive general liability coverage. It does not cover all the operations and exposures of an insured, only the vicarious liability between the insured and the contractor. It is limited to a very specific, designated job location and in connection with described work, in addition to the specified period of time.

What Affects the Cost of the Policy?
The premium is based on the limits of liability and type of work being contracted.

Online Application
Coming soon, you may apply online for this coverage option.

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